Sweet Corn Ambrosia F1

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Ambrosia was the food of the gods… historically not sweetcorn however tasty Ambrosia F1 is a stunning bi-colour with golden and white kernels, making for well filled and delicious cobs.  The plants can grow to 190cm but luckily the cobs are always lower than this!  They are on the early side so ideal for most parts of the UK  Price for 20 seeds


SOW: inside from April to early May in deep pots, seed depth 15mm, or from late April to June outside


GROW: harden off when about 15cm tall and after frost danger has passed.  Plant them in a block with the plants and rows about 30-50 cm apart.  Sweetcorn is wind pollinated, in your garden you can use the tassels to dust the pollen onto the silks for the best set and filled cobs. 


EAT: cobs are ready to harvest when the juice from a kernel is ‘milky’.  Clear juice means it isn’t ripe enough.   If the cobs are over-ripe they will be less sweet & tender and the juice becomes thicker

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