Kale Black Magic

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Long, slender leaves mature to a rich green that looks almost black from a distance: this is the new kid on the block, it’s more uniform, better in colder northern areas and British bred.  This Italian black cabbage has a great flavour and can be used from baby leaf to full size.                      

Price for 12 seeds. 


SOW: from March to July, in modules/pots or a seed bed and transplant to growing position when large enough to do so.


GROW:  plant at 50cm apart.  Keep them watered in dry weather.  


EAT: pinch off young leaves for salads as soon as the plants reach 5cm tall.  Then remove the lower, outer leaves; this allows the plant to keep growing upwards and produce more leaves.  If you have the space keep the plants until they run to seed (mid-spring) and then they produce delicious shoots that you can harvest and cook in the same way as tenderstem broccoli.  Kale is often served with egg and fish dishes: try it in a soup, stew or stir fry.

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