Spinach Greta F1

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Greta F1 – with lightly wrinkled leaves that grow into large rosettes and on into plants with a slightly erect habit.  Greta delivers flavour at every stage from salad size right through to larger when cooked, steamed, stir-fried or used in smoothies.  Spring and Autumn sowing, stands well in colder weather which takes your harvest through into mid-winter.

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SOW: autumn sow for winter leaves or sow in spring, Greta stands well in colder weather.  Seed depth 10-15mm either in situ or 2-3 seeds per pot for transplanting.


GROW: for salad leaves grow close together and pick alternate whole plants to leave a wider spacing for remaining plants to grow larger.  Space transplants 15-20cm apart planting each pot of seedlings as an intact bunch – this spacing gives the bunch room to grow.  Best planted as a bunch as roots are easily damaged.


EAT: tasty Greta in salads adds a delicious dose of nutrients (spinach is considered a super food).  Steaming helps conserve nutrients when cooking.  

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