Rocket Victoria naturally nurtured seed

Rocket Victoria naturally nurtured seed

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ROCKET VICTORIA ~ lovely aromatic broad leaf variety: for both salads and cooking 50 seeds SOW: at any time – protection is needed from late autumn to early spring. At these times it can be grown in a cool greenhouse, cold frame or under cloches. It is normally sown in situ but it can be planted out if sown in modules. This means that you can space the plants rather than thin them. GROW: keep watered, plants are ready to harvest after just 6 – 8 weeks. Picking frequently encourages new growth and discourages bolting in warmer weather. To treat it as cut and come again – cut leaving about 3cm above of stem above the ground, this will resprout for cutting again. EAT: Super in salads. You can also lightly stir fry or steam the tangy leaves and use as a bed to serve fish or red meat.

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