Florence Fennel Romanesco

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Romanesco is a superb late variety, producing large round bulbs that are pure white. It is very resistant to bolting. Delicious. Price for 25 seeds

SOW: June to August for cropping in September to November.   Starting seeds 1cm deep in modules makes it easier to plant out without disturbing roots

GROW:  plant out at 4/5 leaf stage and watch out for slugs.  Keep watered (they like moist rich soil) and mulch if possible.  It is traditional, but not essential, to earth up when the bulb starts to swell.  Cut at least 2.5cm above ground and leave roots to resprout – these small tasty shoots are delicious in salads but will need cloches as the weather cools. 

EAT:  remove the outer leaves then steam, grill or boil.  You can also use as a mini vegetable if harvested early; the leaves are delicious in salads.


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