Onion Hi Keeper F1

Onion Hi Keeper F1

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ONION HI KEEPER F1 ~ a fabulous onion, this golden yellow skinned variety keeps very well for months after harvest 60 seeds SOW: either in situ in spring, sparingly 1cm deep in rows about 30cm apart, but warm the soil first under cloches as cold soil upsets germination, thin when large enough to handle. Or sow in September to overwinter this very hardy variety, thin in spring if necessary, crop in June. GROW: space at 15-20cm apart. Keep well watered as the bulb swells. When the leaves start to yellow and bend over gently lift and leave on the soil to dry and ripen, or place on newspaper in a warm, dry sunny spot. STORE: sort through your crop and the sound dry bulbs can be hung up in onion nets, old tights or strung in a cool frost free airy place. Damaged bulbs should be eaten first or chopped and frozen.

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