Leek Exeter F1

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We have been keeping an eye on Exeter F1 in trial plus is had a local name… since then we have moved but the quality of this variety continues to be outstanding.  A lovely long shanked leek for winter harvesting. 


Price for 50 seeds


SOW: March to May for harvesting between November and February.  Seed depth 1cm.  We sow our leeks in modules or seed trays rather than a seed bed as we find it easier to separate them when transplanting.


GROW: when your young leeks are large enough (about 20cm tall), plant out one leek per 15cm deep hole made with a dibber or stick.  Stand one leek in each hole, then fill the holes repeatedly with water. This ‘puddling in’, settles soil around the roots. There’s no need to backfill the holes. If it is dry after planting water gently every day but otherwise just leave them to grow!


EAT: your leeks can be lifted as and when you need them through the winter

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