Parsley Bravour

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PARSLEY BRAVOUR ~ long stems are topped by delicious tightly curled heads of fine dark green leaves 100 seeds SOW: If you are growing your plants indoors then sow at any time of the year or sown thinly in situ between April and July. We prefer to sow in spring in modules under cover as this minimises root disturbance when transplanting. Parsley can be slow to germinate; a propagator can be of help or you can soak seeds overnight GROW: space plants at about 20cm apart. Harvest from June onwards. It can be treated as a cut-and-come-again crop. Cut 3-4cm above soil and it should resprout – otherwise harvest individual leaves as required. Parsley is best treated as an annual EAT: add to salads, stews & sauces. Pop in a sprig when juicing fruit for a refreshing tang or freeze leaves in ice cubes.

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