Leek Elefant Naturally Nurtured Seed

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Elefant (naturally nurtured seed) has excellently flavoured long thick shanks.  This hardy and reliable variety will over-winter, standing in good condition for up to six months from October.  Earth up for the best results.


Planting holes for leeks

When leeks are ready to plant out you need to make holes…15cm deep.  These holes need to be straight sided and narrow so a dibber is best… if you haven’t got a dibber you need a piece of wood about the same size as a circle made with your thumb and forefinger.  The end needs to be a blunt point then mark on where 15cm is and push into the soil to that mark.


Your hole spacing can vary…

If you plan to earth up the holes need to be 15cm apart in rows that are 30cm apart

If not earthing up then space 15cm apart in each direction

If you are growing in a small space 10cm apart and then harvest alternate plants to create more room for the remaining leeks to grow.

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