Calabrese Kabuki F1

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We selected Kabuki for its versatility and flavour. It can be used to produce baby heads and reaches maturity after just 9-10 weeks. At half the height of other Calabrese it is very useful in a small garden and suitable for growing under cloches or fleece for an early crop. Kabuki will see you throughout the whole season with successional planting. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: Kabuki in March to June, 10mm deep, for cropping in just 9-10 weeks.  Can be sown earlier under cloches.  You can start them in pots for planting out at the 2/3 leaf stage.         

GROW: as with all calabrese don’t let them dry out – being thirsty upsets them.  Kabuki can be used to produce ‘baby’ heads and reaches maturity after just 9-10 weeks.  Cut the head just before the flowers open, and it will then little side shoots that are also for harvesting.

EAT:  we like to lightly steam our calabrese and enjoy it the flavour fresh but it can also be frozen.  To Freeze – blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack.

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