Lettuce Barba dei Frati

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LETTUCE BARBA DEI FRATI ~ dark green tufts of long lobed leaves reminiscent of oakleaf, very versatile.                         75 seeds


SOW: from February through to October.  Sowing a little seed every 2-3 weeks will give you a succession of lettuces.  They can be started in modules and transplanted or sown in situ.  Autumn sowings can be grown through the winter under cover.


GROW:  lovely Barba Dei Frati forms tufts of leaves that you can cut as a bunch from individual plants.  If you have them planted close together you can treat them as a cut-&-come-again


EAT: chop to add into salads.  This Italian variety is sometimes termed as a radichetta variety and can be tossed in olive oil and roasted or you can wilt it in a pan for a warm salad.

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