Scabiosa Summer Berry Mix

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Grow Scabiosa Summer Berry Mix for an amazing display from early summer to late autumn: this is our own Mix in shades of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry.  With pollinator friendly flowers (attracting bees and butterflies), a gentle honey scent and strong, slender stems for cutting this mix ought to find a home in your garden!


Height to 90cm




Price for 50 seeds


Well known for its pretty blooms made up by many individual florets; scabious atropurpurea is a meadow flower that looks incredible in borders (mid to back), mixed cottage style garden planting, gravel gardens or any wildflower garden.  Planted close to your veggies these flowers will attract bees to your plot.


SOW & GROW:  in March/April sow in small pots, & gently cover the seeds by their own depth, keep the compost damp but not saturated. Leave your pots on a windowsill or in a greenhouse. About 6-8 weeks later, it will be mid-May & your scabiosa plants should be big enough to be hardened off before planting out.

They prefer a sunny spot.  If you are creating a cutting garden then plant in straight rows at 30cm apart to make hoeing easier, and let them dry out a bit between watering.  Otherwise just fit them in around your garden and let them grow (and flower) all summer long - June to October (or November if cut back mid-season)

Now ‘scabiosa’ isn’t really the nicest of names for such a lovely flower… did you know that in times past they were used to treat bleeding wounds!

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