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A beautiful thug...
from on 26/10/2020
I grew two of these, starting in the greenhouse and planting out in late May. A bit slow to get going, possibly because I didn't harden them off first, but then they took off.
I tried to keep them as compact bushes by leaving on all the side shoots, but they weren't deterred and with an occasional feed of tomato fertiliser marched over everything in their path (including the Defender F1 planted 4 feet away), 2 - 2.5 metres in all directions and filling the veg patch!
The courgettes were easy to see and really attractive, two plants producing 3 - 4 fruits (fruits?) every day. They were smooth and thin skinned with a beautiful flavour, rather more delicate than Defender.
The abundance of courgettes inspired a lot of culinary uses beyond just using as an accompanying veg.
A definite for next year, but I'll need a bigger veg patch!
from on 03/09/2016
A bit slow to start but once it got going the plant was going like mad.Picking the fruit every other day and still new ones kept appearing.Tastewise- very nice and delicate,maybe because I kept picking young fruit. Will definitely grow again.
soft skinned tasty courgette
from on 06/02/2016
very god

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