Collard Georgia Southern

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There is nothing shy or retiring about Georgia Southern, it packs a punch in terms of size, impact and flavour. It is a non-heading type producing lots of huge cabbage-like crumpled, mild, juicy leaves. The plants, which are drought tolerant and winter hardy, can be 1m tall. Enjoy Price for 20 seeds.

SOW & GROW: March to May for a late summer & autumn crop.  In mild areas you can sow in August for harvesting in the winter.  Sow the seeds approximately 1cm deep in modules. When large enough to handle you can transplant, after hardening off, and space them at 40-50cm apart.  Georgia Southern is big; it can grow to 80cm however you can cut it young.  Collards cope well with summer heat, not needing lots & lots of water

EAT: very young leaves can be added to salads. This nutritious veg can be boiled or steamed, allow plenty of time.  They are Ideal for cooking in a stew as they do not disintegrate.  Blanche before freezing and then fry straight from frozen.

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