Collard Morris Heading

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With extremely tender, medium green leaves that are broad and slightly crumpled. This is a more compact variety that forms loose heads of short stemmed leaves. They are tolerant of heat and cold and rich in vitamins and minerals. The juicy leaves have a mild cabbage flavour and are delicious boiled, steamed, or as an addition to salads. Allow 11-12 weeks before harvesting from sowing in Spring.  In a mild area you can also sow in Autumn. Price for 20 seeds



SOW: from March to May for a late summer & autumn crop, or in mild areas you can sow in August for harvesting in the winter.  Sow the seeds approximately 1cm deep in modules.


GROW: when large enough to handle you can transplant them, after hardening off, and space them at 25-30cm apart.  Morris Heading is the smaller of the varieties we offer making it a good choice if you only have space to try one.  Collards cope well with summer heat and don‘t need as much watering as other veg.


EAT: the youngest leaves can be added to salads. This nutritious veg can be boiled or steamed, allow plenty of time as they are slow (15= mins in a steamer).  They are ideal for cooking in a stew as they do not disintegrate: cut into strips or hand shred when you add them.  You can use them instead of spinach when cooking saag.  For freezing we find it helps to cut into strips then blanche to make it easy to fry or steam straight from frozen.

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