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Bishops Crown – ‘wrinkle hat’ is the best description I have ever come across for these three-sided lobed lovelys. Plants can grow tall and need space for their branches.  Slower to mature (start them early) the flavour is both spicy and fruity – the fruitiness developing as they ripens. Super fresh or cooked: their paprika-ish aroma is perfect for seasoning vegetables and making into chili powder or chilli flakes.  Their heat level is very dependent on their growing conditions and can range from 5000 to 30,000SHU     Price for 10 seeds


SOW: early, January or February is best as these are slow to mature. Start indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate (can take 10-21 days, warmth at 21C can help).  There are three words to bear in mind: waterlogging, cold, dead.  Apart from that have fun!


GROW: when they reach the 2/3 leaf stage (at around 10cm tall) they can be potted up. Wait until June before moving plants outside (harden off first) against a sunny wall out of the wind or in a greenhouse (remember their homeland is Barbados).  Bishops Crown can grow tall, be prepared to use canes, and a branching habit means that they need a bit of sideways room too. After the first flowers appear, feed every week alternating between liquid seaweed & a weak tomato feed.  These are slow to mature ad most often turn a rich orange-red rather than deep red


ENJOY: the heat level depends on the individual plant, the location and the growing conditions and generally fall in the medium to hot range… think salsas or hot sauces or drying for spicy chili flakes or powders.  Or you can pick them, stuff with cream cheese and grill or bake – delicious.

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