Chinese Broccoli Kailaan

Chinese Broccoli Kailaan

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CHINESE BROCCOLI KAILAAN ~ succulent, delicious flowering shoots 50 seeds SOW: July and August in modules or in situ – depending on the plant size you want – this is a fast growing brassica! GROW: For small plants sow sparingly in situ, aiming for 10-15cm spacing, and harvest the plant whole when the flowering shoots start developing – after about 8 weeks. For large plants sow in modules and transplant when they are about 8cm tall and space 30cm apart. Keep well watered and mulch if possible. Ready for harvesting after about 10 weeks; pick the main head first and then the side shoots as they develop. EAT: peel the stems if the outer skin has become tough. Steam, stir fry or cook like sprouting broccoli

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