Cauliflower Snow Crown F1

Cauliflower Snow Crown F1

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CAULIFLOWER SNOW CROWN F1 ~ early, dependable, vigorous, plenty of foliage to protect the white curds, gorgeous flavour 18 seeds SOW & GROW: indoors from Jan to March. We start all our cauliflowers in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system & then transplant at the end of March & into May. Steady growth is the key to good curds so don’t delay transplanting and put them into firm and fertile ground. Don’t add fresh manure as this will encourage leaves not curds! Regular watering is essential; cauliflowers do not like to get dry. Use the large leaves to protect the curds from the sun by loosely tying them together. Cut the curds when they are tight and firm – don’t leave them on the plant too long. EAT: raw in a salad or with dips or cooked.

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