Cauliflower Atalaya F1

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Atalaya F1: from seed to cauli in just over 12 weeks… and what a cauli – lovely solid tasty white curds, well wrapped in the leaves for protection.  Sow from February to May for harvesting between July and September /October.  You can even start this in pots in a cold frame in October to plant out in the spring for a June crop      Price for 18 seeds.

SOW & GROW: seeds like to be 15mm deep. You can sow into a seed bed or, like us, start you cauliflowers in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system before planting.  Transplant once they are large enough (2 good leaves) position in firm ground & space at about 50cm. Regular watering is essential; cauliflowers do not like to get dry. When Atalaya is happy you will go from seed to crop in 12 weeks. 

Atalaya can be sown in October & over-wintered in a coldframe for early spring planting and a crop in June or started between February and May for harvesting between July and September /October

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