Carrot Eskimo F1

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Fresh dug carrots for Christmas (as long as your ground does not freeze completely solid) this AGM winner is happy down to -10°C without straw and is perfect for harvesting from November to early February (sow in June/July for a Christmas crop). The strong tops help when pulling whilst the good colour and top notch flavour make this one a favourite carrot choice. Price for 150 seeds.

SOW & GROW: at 10mm deep from March to August.  Early sowings may be pulled in September and October, but this is a cold resistant variety to later sowings will come into their own through the winter months.  Keep them weed free – carrots don’t like the competition.  If extreme cold is forecast, or your soil freezes solid, you may prefer to straw the crop but for most gardeners this will not be necessary

EAT: enjoy the good colour and top-notch flavour.  Carrots can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  To Freeze - slice or dice large carrots, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge in cold water, drain and pack into convenient sized potions.

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