Calabrese Purple Rain F1

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Purple Rain F1 – delicious raw or cooked and you have three terrific harvest options – cut whilst the head is tight closed and cook as you would cauliflower, allow the head to open a little and cut as florets, allow the head to stretch out and harvest spears.  Regular picking will encourage fresh flushes and take you crop from late summer through to October. Price for 20 seeds.


Calabrese is a very easy, fast-growing crop, also known as American, Italian or green sprouting broccoli (except varieties like Purple Rain which are not green!).  They are harvested in summer or autumn, depending on sowing time.  They are a good choice for home gardeners since they do not need to spend a year in the garden (like most broccoli), they can be planted at 30cm apart and the space between can be used for growing crops such as lettuce & baby leaves. 

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