Cabbage Tinty F1

Cabbage Tinty F1

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Tinty is a super pointed cabbage with a sweet and mild flavour combined with a rich wine-red colour that is kept during cooking: stir fry, steam or boil.  Great in salads and coleslaw.  You can grow as a close spaced mini cabbage or allow more room for the full size (30-40cm tall).  Can be sown from February to May.  Price for 20 seeds

SOW: late February to early May: we prefer to start seeds 10-15mm deep in modules or pots to give them good root growth in preparation for planting out.  Harden off and plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing. 

GROW: space 40-50cm apart & cut mature heads from August.  Space them closer for mini cabbages that you can cut as they fill out. For all transplants:  firm into position with the lower leaves just above the soil and water well until established. 

EAT: we love red cabbage thinly sliced and steamed (Tinty keeps its colour), little cabbages can be cut into wedges and braised.  Tinty also makes a delicious choice for colourful salads and coleslaw

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