Cabbage Brunswick

Cabbage Brunswick

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CABBAGE BRUNSWICK ~ fun and flavour, grow for magnificent size or simply to sup on in the autumn 20 seeds SOW: For the biggest plants sow in January or February, 1 seed per pot. Otherwise sow March to May in modules GROW: Harden off and plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing: for the biggest cabbages they will need to go outside with protection and have about 70cm or a bit more between plants (sow faster crops in between such as lettuce). Protect from caterpillars and other pests with netting, a general fertiliser in midsummer will be appreciated by the ‘big ones’. It is not unheard of to need the help of a wheelbarrow to move the biggest Brunswick’s of all! EAT: Lovely from August although we think they are even nicer after the first frosts.

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