Broccoli Red Admiral F1

Broccoli Red Admiral F1

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Red Admiral F1 is a delicious and vigorous British bred variety, perfect for Christmas and the New Year.  Price for 24 seeds

SOW: in a seed bed or in pots (10mm deep) in May for December and January harvest, sow later for a spring harvest.  For a succession sow an early variety first, then later varieties

GROW: plant out when large enough leaving 50cm between plants. You may need to stake broccoli if your garden is not very sheltered as it is top heavy. Individual plants can crop for up to 8 weeks. Pick the shoots before the flower buds open, keep picking to encourage more shoots but don’t strip a plant completely (or let it flower) as this will stop side shoots developing.

EAT: for the best flavour steam the florets as soon as possible after cutting. Try serving with white sauce, hollandaise or just with butter. Florets can be kept in the fridge in a poly bag for up to 3 days

variety jan feb mar april may june july aug sept oct nov dec
Cardinal     h S/H S/H S            
Purple Sprouting Early   H H S S            
Purple Sprouting Late     h S/H S/H   t t        
Red Admiral F1 H (H) (H)   S (S) (S)         H
Red Blaze F1     s S S S t t/h h h H H  
Rudolph (H) (H)   S S (S)       H H H
White Sprouting   H S/H S/h S              
S main sowing                        
t transplant                        
H main harvesting                        
s early or late sowing possible                        
h early harvesting                        
(H) late harvest possible                        

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