Beetroot Forono

Beetroot Forono

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BEETROOT FORONO ~ perfect for slicing with a distinctive flavour and dark red cylindrical roots 50 seeds SOW: in the open at about 2cm deep, from June to September. Make several sowings for a continuous supply. GROW: Beet seeds are actually a cluster and wi0ll require thinning, alternatively pull some for use when young & leave the rest to grow on. Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out. This variety can be pulled from about 10 weeks from sowing. EAT: Very good for slicing. Eat cooked, hot or cold or add raw to salads. Cook young leaves and stems like spinach or pop into a salad. Layer beetroot slices in a shallow dish and sprinkle with brown sugar or a little honey or golden syrup to glaze! You can store beetroot by freezing

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