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Early Wonder is a particularly good choice for an early crop as this heirloom variety is happy to produce tasty deep red globes even in cool soil. It is bolt resistant and has the added bonus that the abundant glossy dark green leaves are tender and tasty for early salads. Price for 50 seeds

SOW your beetroot seeds 10-20mm deep.  Use cloches to warm the soil for early sowings (that is during February to April or a little later in colder areas).  Once your soil has started to warm (from April in milder areas) you can sow without protection.  Autumn sowings into October will also need cloches.

sow more seed every 4-6 weeks for a continuous supply of beets.  Beet seeds are actually a cluster and will require thinning, alternatively pull some young for use as mini beets and leave the rest to grow on. Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out. The staggered maturity of Early Wonder allows a longer harvest period from a single sowing.

EAT: eat cooked, hot or cold and grated raw. Cook the glossy leaves and stems like spinach or eat younger leaves raw in arly salads. To Freeze – cook until tender, rinse, drain and dry, peel and cut off roots, freeze small beets whole, slice or dice larger ones.

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