Beetroot Boston

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Boston delivers lovely richly coloured beets with a delicious flavour, amongst the best in our opinion.  British bred Boston is closely related to Boltardy making it ideal for early spring sowings, but Boston will keep performing right through with August sowings cropping late into the autumn.


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Did you know that soaking your beetroot seeds in warm water for an hour or two prior to planting is a great way to speed up germination?


SOW: with protection in February & March and in the open from mid-March to July.  August sowings may need protection later. Pop in the seeds at about 1-2cm deep, Make small sowings 2-3 weeks apart for a continuous supply.


GROW: these seeds are a cluster and will require thinning, alternatively pull some for use when young (leaving the rest to grow on) or carefully transplant. Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out.  Ready for harvest about 12 weeks after sowing.


EAT: bolt resistant Boston will stand well without fear of them becoming woody.  Trim the leaves to about 2cm and cook whole, this will preserve the nutrients whilst you boil, steam or roast them.

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