Climbing French Bean Golden Gate naturally nurtured seeds

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Golden Gate is an AGM winner that has everything: heavy cropping with pods have that marvellous snap quality and an exquisite flavour.  Whilst the bright and attractive golden-yellow beans are easy to find amongst the leaves they do give the impression of pretending to be runners with their flat pods: but make no mistake this is a quality French bean just waiting for you.


Price for 50 seeds


This is part of our naturally nurtured range from an organic supplier.


Golden Gate can be sown in a polytunnel or greenhouse from April.  Planting out into the garden, or sowing in the open, must wait until all frost danger is passed so no earlier than May.  You can sow to the end of July.

This variety is happy growing in a poly tunnel – good news if you are growing in a cooler area of the UK where open growing is not so reliable.

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