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And May is the perfect time to grow these delicious pumpkins.  Whether you chose to turn them into soup, stew, bake, curry or roast these have all the flavour to make every meal a tasty treat.  You may even want to keep 1 or 2 for carving in the autumn.  Contains one packet each of...


Casperita F1 ~ sweet flavoured, beautiful & heavily ribbed small pumpkins on well behaved plants.  each fruit weighs around 750g and will serve 1-2 people.  You can cut off the top, scoup out the seed and stuff the cavity before roasting – the ribs help stop them from rolling over in the oven (3 seeds)

Connecticut Field ~ this is a delicious heirloom with fruits of 6-10kg.  It is our favourite for soup - with herbs or curry powder or paprika and chilli. (3 seeds)

Howden ~ good choice for eating, orange fruits to 10kg: don’t forget to toast the seeds – add spices for extra flavour.  (3 seeds)


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Pumpkin Casperita F1
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Pumpkin Connecticut Field
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Pumpkin Howden
1 piece(s)
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