Pumpkin Casperita F1

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Wow, sweet flavoured, beautiful & heavily ribbed small pumpkins on well behaved plants.  Casperita fruits from the crown of the plant and only has short vines.  Great for smaller gardens, you can even grow them in containers. These little creamy white beauties grow 12-14cm in diameter, about 750g so serves 1-2 people when cooked.         Price for 3 seeds


SOW: in individual pots inside during April, May or early June.  You can keep them on a window sill until sprouted then pop into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse. 


GROW: keep moist and warm, ready to plant out when at 2/3 leaf stage.  Harden off well before planting out.  Casperita is a semi bush, needing 80-100cm of space.  It will be happy in a large container but keep well-watered and fed.  It fruits from the crown, start picking after about 12 weeks.  The last fruits could be as late as November


EAT: each fruit weighs around 750g and will serve 1-2 people.  You can cut off the top, scoup out the seed and stuff the cavity before roasting – the ribs stop them from rolling over in the oven.  These can store until mid’winter so you have time to eat your crop!


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