Squash Walnut F1

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£1.50 / pack(s)

British bred Walnut F1 is a beauty: grow this for reliable, early, and tasty butternuts.  This variety thrives in our mixed weather and the early maturity means that it is suitable for more northerly gardens too. Each plant can produce half a dozen fruits, averaging 1kg each, these store very well to give you butternuts right through until springtime.  Price for 3 seeds


Did you know that you can harvest these young and peel with a knife or potato peeler OR, for storage through the winter, harvest in late summer or early autumn & leave outdoors for about 14 days to harden the skin (protect from frost) or ripen in a greenhouse (these are more difficult to cut into!)  Bake, roast or stir fry, use in soups or sweet pies.  Very versatile & tasty

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