Sweet Corn Swift F1

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SWEETCORN SWIFT F1 ~ extra tender variety, can be eaten cooked or raw, just 10-11 weeks to harvesting 20 seeds SOW: inside from mid-April to early May in deep pots, or from May to June outside. Push the seed 2-3cm down and keep moist and warm to help with germination. GROW: harden off when about 15cm tall and after frost danger has passed. Plant them in a block with the plants and rows about 30-50 cm apart. Sweetcorn is wind pollinated. Swift is a vigorous, but not tall, early to mid-season variety taking just 10-11 weeks to reach harvesting: depending on the season this could be in late July! EAT: Cobs are ready when the juice from a kernel is ‘milky’. Cook soon after picking. Swift can also be munched on raw as a snack.

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