Spring Onion Lilia

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Lovely Lilia has rich red stems topped by fresh green leaves: a dramatic and tasty AGM winner  With Lillia you can enjoy 2 onions for the price of 1 – chose to grow as a spring onion or leave to bulb up or divide up your seeds and grow some of each.  Price for 100 seeds

SOW: thinly at about 1cm deep in rows to minimise thinning (use cloches for early sowings until mid-April).

FOR SPRING ONIONS: you can sow at intervals of about 3 weeks from February to July.  This will give you a succession of onions to pull after 10 weeks or so

FOR MAIN CROP BULBING ONIONS: sow from March to May in the open (allows time to bulb).  These will be ready from August

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