Pumpkin Red Warty Thing

Pumpkin Red Warty Thing

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PUMPKIN RED WARTY THING ~ a peculiar beast that is quite frankly gorgeous!

3 seeds

SOW: in individual pots inside during April or May. You can keep them on a window sill until sprouted then pop into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse.

GROW: keep moist and warm, ready to plant out when at 2/3 leaf stage. Harden off well before planting out. This variety will need about 250cm of space between plants. You can train the vines in a circle. For larger pumpkins just keep 1or 2 fruits per plant, feed and water well!

EAT: strong skins make for good storage in a frost free place; they will keep for weeks before eating and the smooth flesh will sweeten all the time.

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