Squash Black Futsu naturally nurtured seed

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Just keeps on going.....
from on 08/09/2015
Planted out at the end of May, I harvested five dark green fruits from my one plant in early August, then I noticed it looked very healthy and quite a few more buds were forming, so left it to see what would happen. Within a month, it had produced another four full sized fruits and now (first week of September), it seems to be starting another lot - I can see three fruits the size of ping pong balls, growing every day despite the cooler temperatures. Oh, and I even forgot to feed it apart from an initial spade full of well rotted horse manure dug in when I first planted it. If you want an interesting squash that doesn't take up much space and keeps going all season, this is a good choice. The fruits were the size of a grapefruit, picked when they were dark green with a hard skin and we ate ours roasted with a little olive oil and honey. I am afraid I didn't get a chance to cure them as we could not resist eating them. A very rewarding crop to grow for the comparatively small space it took up.
Very Good
from on 30/03/2015
A lovely tasting squash which makes a lovely curried soup. I am sure this variety would keep well if stored correctly as my fruit was as good as when picked after leaving in the kitchen for 6 weeks

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