Pumpkin Knuckle Head F1

Pumpkin Knuckle Head F1

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PUMPKIN KNUCKLE HEAD F1 ~ this amazing variety grows lumps and bumps on the skin, great fun and a real star on the plot 3 seeds SOW: in individual pots inside during April or early May. You can keep them on a window sill until sprouted then pop into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse. GROW: keep moist and warm, ready to plant out when at 2/3 leaf stage. Harden off well before planting out. Give them space! You can train the vines in a circle and remove flowers after 2/3 pumpkins have set to keep the yield down. This will still give you plenty! EAT: Knuckle Heads can weigh 5kg or so. They will store in a frost free place and get sweeter all the time. The strong rind can make cutting a little harder but inside is a delicious feast.

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