Pumpkin Bambino

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Bambino – the name might suggest otherwise but you will be feasting on 5-10kg pumpkins (that is medium to large) with an excellent flavour.  You can limit the number of pumpkins to encourage larger fruits or allow more smaller fruits on this meandering vine variety. Price for 3 seeds. 


Perfect for a pumpkin patch – if you can dedicate a whole bed to pumpkins then you can let vining types do their thing.  Once the foliage begins to die back in the autumn you will then see your fruits.  That’s all very well but most of us don’t have the room for this so there is another way to deal with vining types.


Plant into a large container on your sunny patio, use a rich compost and be prepared to water and feed.  Allow the plant to grow over the edge and onto the patio surface and then you just encourage the vines to go round and round and round the container.  The pumpkins will love the warmth from the surface of the patio and you will be able to stay in control, watering and feeding is less effort, limiting the fruits as well as harvesting and curing are all easier too.

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