Pepper Mini Bell Yellow naturally nurtured seeds

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Dinky miniature bell peppers with full sized flavour will be the result of choosing to grow Mini Bell Yellow.  These blocky fruits are just 3-5cm in size, bright green maturing to golden yellow (almost orangy), and can be stuffed and cooked, grilled or simply sliced for salad… cut into quarters and use as a scoop for houmous or cut in half and fill with chopped ham and cream cheese (or any filling of your choice).  Price for 10 seeds (naturally nurtured)


Mini Bell is a compact plant for a sweet pepper – growing to about 60cm tall.  I would hesitate to say they were window sill sized, it depends on the size of your window sill, but they are a good choice for containers or medium sized pots.  Peppers generally prefer protection or at the very least a sunny and sheltered spot in the garden – a container means that you can move plants if need be and turn them so that fruits on the other side can also enjoy the sunshine.


Another advantage to Mini Bell is that they are quick – quick to flower and quick to mature, first fruits ought to be ready around 10-11 weeks.  And they keep producing all summer long.

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