Stridolo (Sculpit)

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STRIDOLO Perennial grow as annual ~ aromatic flavour somewhere between tarragon and rocket but milder 100 seeds SOW & GROW: between March & September direct into the soil. Thin after 4-6 weeks or harvest now and make repeated sowings. Summer onwards – harvest young plants (pull them up and re-sow) or pick just the young leaves and allow to grow on (can form bushy plants to 50cm tall) Autumn – continue picking. A last sowing before the first frost, protect these young plants and harvest into the winter. Winter – protect autumn sown plants, in mild areas Stridolo may survive the winter but for the best flavour start again in spring. ENJOY: Bees like the flowers, plant some near to your beans. Eat the leaves in an omelette, added to rice dishes or as a flavour in salads

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