Wild Garlic (Ransoms)

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WILD GARLIC Perennial ~ happy in the shade (close to a hedge) or in a soggy corner, the mild flavoured leaves are lovely in many dishes 25 seeds SOW & GROW: best sown straight into the garden, cover the seeds lightly with soil. This will like a shady, fertile place and some moisture. Spring – in mild areas may be ready to harvest in late spring. In subsequent years dig up if it is spreading too much Summer – continue to pick young leaves. The flowers are also edible. In late summer divide plants if they have died back or wait till autumn Autumn – Sow seed Winter – fully hardy, no need to protect. ENJOY: snip some into an omelette, scatter on a pizza as you take it out of the oven, cut into strips and add to casseroles and soup, pop in with roasts, finely chop for salads…

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