Cornflower Double Blue

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Cornflower Double Blue an essential ingredient for every garden. The lovely blue flowers are held on strong, straight stems making them perfect for cutting to enjoy the long lasting double blooms in your home.

Height 60-80cm


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: where they are to flower (in situ), seed depth 2-4mm, during March and April depending on the weather and your location – ideally when the night-time temperature will not fall much below 10°C.  Can also be sown August/September for slightly earlier flowers the following year. Germination takes about 2 weeks or so.

GROW:  these flowers may need staking or growing through a frame if your garden catches the wind.  They are an excellent choice to attracts bees, beneficial insects, birds and other pollinators.

ENJOY: an essential ingredient for every garden and an excellent cut flower with strong straight stems. Dry petals to make your own confetti.

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