Bells of Ireland

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Bells of Ireland – grows long spikes of apple-green (chartreuse) bells: these are shell-like bracts that cup tiny white fragrant flowers from summer through to the autumn.  They create a stunning accent plant in a mixed border… as a foil for other colourful annuals and perennials and to use in flower arrangements (fresh or dried) They are sometimes known as Shellflower, Molucella or Molucca

Height 50-90cm+, very dependent on how happy it is! 


Price for 50 seeds

SOW: during March to April in pots of seed compost, seed depth 5mm, seal in a plastic bag and keep at 16-20°C until germinated.   You can choose to sow them in situ in May.  Germination is better after vernalisation – freeze the seed for a week and then soak overnight.

GROW:  harden off and plant out, spacing plants at about 40cm apart.  These can flower from July to September (about 12 weeks from sowing). If your garden catches the wind you may prefer to stake these. 

ENJOY: in “flower” during August & September - cut and remove leaves carefully for fresh use or drying.  Leaves can be irritating to the skin

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