Carrot Dragon

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The fiery magenta-purple skin combined with the sweetest flavour and contrasting internal colour of orange to yellow at its core make this a must-have variety: Dragon delivers in every way.  Medium length (12-18cm) and smooth skinned too making it easy to prepare - lightly scrub then steam or simply cut into batons for dipping with a difference; delicious & beautiful.  Price for 150 seeds


Sow carrots very thinly & 10mm deep in a prepared drill – these carrots will need thinning to 8-10cm apart so the more thinly sown the better!  They can take up to 21 days to germinate so you can mark where they are by sowing alternate rows with a much faster crop… a baby leaf or an oriental variety are good choices as they will be harvested before they can possibly shade or crowd your carrots.

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