Brussels Sprouts Crispus F1

Brussels Sprouts Crispus F1

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This is a sprout to be excited about: Crispus F1 is clubroot resistant and has a great flavour making an autumn harvest to look forward to. The tight buttons hold well over a long period and can see you right up to Christmas dinner! Price for 15 seeds.

SOW: start them in modules or pots from February to early April.

GROW:   harden off when about 15cm tall & plant into firm soil, early transplants may need cloches or fleece.  Space at 75-90cm, closer spacing will create smaller sprouts.  Use the space between them to grow fast maturing or cut-&-come-again crops.  If your garden is windy be prepared to stake your Brussels.  In mid-summer they will appreciate a dose of general fertiliser.

EAT: cropping can start in September and on into December - pick the lowest buttons first and work your way up!  At the end of the crop the sprout tops can be eaten as greens (delicious).  Sprouts will last in the fridge for up to 3 days or be frozen.

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