Cabbage Kilaton F1

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We think Kilaton is the best clubroot resistant variety out there, if this is a problem for you then this is a ‘must grow’ choice. For the best results start the seeds in pots or modules. Look forward to great quality, solid, light green ballheads to harvest in the autumn through to Christmas. The flavour is sweet enough to enjoy raw or cooked and these will store well too. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: up to 10mm deep in pots or large modules March and April, keep at about 16°C until germinated.  Make sure that their final position has a rich soil (dig in home-made compost early in spring). 

GROW: module grown plants will need potting up when they are about 6-7 tall.  When they reach 10cm tall harden off and plant out 35-40cm apart.  Put them in 2cm lower than in their pots and firm them in. steady watering gives your cabbages the best conditions, protect with net or mesh to keep troublesome pests away.

EAT: harvest from late September through to December.  You can eat Kilaton in salads but by the autumn we prefer cooking them!

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