Brussels Sprouts Catskill

Brussels Sprouts Catskill

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BRUSSELS SPROUTS CATSKILL ~ a richly flavoured heirloom variety that produces large firm sprouts in the autumn 15 seeds SOW: Start these in modules or pots between March and April, for a later harvest start them off in May. Harden them off when they reach about 15cm tall. GROW: Plant out with about 60-90cm between them. They like firm soil so don’t be shy about helping them feel settled in. If your garden catches the wind be prepared to stake your Brussels: this robust variety is well suited to invigorating positions but may still appreciate a helpful brace against rocking. They will appreciate a dose of general fertiliser in mid-summer. EAT: from September to November pick the lowest buttons first and work your way up. We like sprouts steamed and, after all the sprouts are harvested you can cook the tops as you would cabbage.

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