Bean French Dwarf Purple Teepee

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DWARF FRENCH BEAN PURPLE TEEPEE 50 seeds. This variety helpfully produces the purple pods from the top of the plant making them easier to see and harvest! SOW: in pots inside or in a greenhouse (we always start ours in pots) but you can sow them in situ. However tempting, don’t start to sow them earlier than mid April, unless you warm the soil with cloches, as germination is poor in cold soil. French beans can also be sown in May to July in the open. To extend your harvest season you can stagger your planting – this variety will harvest just as well from a late planting. GROW: Plant out after hardening off when about 15cm tall after all frost danger has passed. EAT: Pick young and cook whole or sliced, regular picking helps them crop for longer. You can leave the pods at the end of the season for drying; they are super in winter casseroles. All of our French beans freeze well.

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