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Best squash
from on 05/10/2023
Last year was a disaster. I grew the crown prince near blue kuri - they cross pollinated and most squash did not look like crown prince and did not taste anything like them,
This year I grew my crown prince on its own. Brilliant harvest 10 lovely medium to huge squash. And looking like crown prince should. So looking forward to eating them.
Best squash
from on 11/10/2019
Grow this every year. Still don't get more than one or two squash per plant - but each squash this year was around 4kg. And I love the taste and they store well - will grow every year.
My vege garden favourite
from on 11/05/2017
I grow crown in my tunnel and I get loads. Never a problem, tastes the best and last unbelievably long. They store really well in a cool dry room - May is the latest I have eaten the last.... while the next lot is forming flowers. I grow them every year.

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