Pumpkin Mellow Yellow

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Mellow Yellow has the wow factor, you just can’t miss a bright lemon-yellow pumpkin or two!  Stand out from the crowd with this novel colour and still enjoy your harvest.  Yes, you can carve these but also enjoy sliced and roasted, baked into casseroles, stirred into risotto or pasta, or diced and added into soups, chilis, casseroles and stews.  Price for 3 seeds


Pumpkins really have it all – fun to grow, great to look at, and enough ways to cook and eat that you can be using them for meal after meal without it ever feeling repetitive.  And when cooked, Mellow Yellow pumpkins develop a tender consistency and have a mild, earthy, and slightly sweet flavour.  Don’t forget that pumpkins sweeten with storage, Mellow Yellow will store for about 3 months, and it is these sweeter fruits that you use for cakes - cupcakes, pies, bread, muffins…


With medium sized fruits, up to 8kg, this is a vining type which would like about 60cm between it and any neighbour

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