Pumpkin Gold Speck F1

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For teeny tiny one-pot pumpkins look no further than Gold Speck.  These are perfect pumpkins – fruiting towards the centre of the bush type plant, glowing orange, slightly flattened shape, ribbed, long handles – just in miniature.  Expect them to be just 8-10cm across and around 150-300g  Price for 3 seeds.


A one-pot pumpkin is just that… a one potion meal from your garden growing in its own pot.  Cut off the top and rest it back on to bake (allowing the steam to escape), then scoop out the inside, separate out the seeds, mix the flesh with other tasty ingredients (butter, cream cheese, herbs, spices, chilli…) rest the lid back on and back in the oven to finish cooking through.  Then serve your pumpkin inside its own pot!

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